The 2024 ISA World Surfing Games is taking place in El Salvador from May 3rd – 12th, 2024

The maximum team size is three surfers in each division plus a Manager and a Male and Female Coach.

The Board of Directors, as per the Constitution, have appointed selectors who have determined the process that will be followed in choosing the 2024 SA Junior Team.

The 2024 SA Junior Team will be ratified by the Board of Directors.

The Selection process

A Selection Trial will be held on the March 8 & 9 2024 at New Pier, Durban.

Each division will comprise nine trialists who will be chosen as follows:

  1. The top seven surfers on the 2023 SAST U16 & U18 Boys & Girls divisions, as published on liveheats.com/surfingsouthafrica, are automatically included in the Trial.
  2. Surfing South Africa’s commitment to transformation will be applied when selecting the 2024 team.
  3. Four Wildcards (one from each division) from the 2024 Rip Curl Gromsearch event at Long Beach next week will be added to the list of trialists.
  4. The winners of the U16 and U16 Boys & Girls and U18 Boys & Girls divisions will qualify for the wildcards unless they are already trialists. If this is the case the slot will be awarded to the second placed surfer. If they are already a trialist the third placed surfer will qualify and if the third placed surfer is already a trialist, the fourth placed surfer will qualify. If all the finalists in a particular division final are already confirmed as trialists then the third placed semi-finalist who scores the highest points will qualify. If that semi-finalist is already a trialist then the other semi finalist will qualify. If the second semi finalist is already a trialist then the quarter finalist with the highest score will qualify and so on until a wildcard is arrived at.
  5. A “Round Robin” format will be used at the Trial so that every surfer gets to compete against each other. In order to use this format a maximum of nine surfers (no less and no more) must compete in each division.
  6. Trialists will surf four rounds. There will be three surfers in each 20 min heat. The contest will run over two days and all the points scored in every heat will be accumulated to determine the top two U18 Boys & Girls and U16 Girls and Boys.
  7. The final team will be based off the results of the trials.



U16 Boys

Rory Dace (NMB)

Josh Malherbe (BC)

Matt Canning (ESA)

Cooper Smith (CTS)

Kieran Murphy (CTS)

Loghann Tilsley(Winelands)

Massimo Bienz(CTS)

Gordon Falangile (ESA)

WILDCARD from Rip Curl Gromsearch Long Beach

U16 Girls

Louise Lepront

Emily Jenkinson (CTS)

Leah Lepront (NMB)

Jasmine Venter (Winelands)

Nina Bone (Winelands)

Camilla Heuer (BC)

Sophia Jackson (Eden)

Ziphozonke Mseleku (ESA)

WILDCARD from Rip Curl Gromsearch Long Beach

U18 Boys

Luc Lepront (NMB)

Simon Winter (CTS)

David Emslie (BC)

Levi Epenetos (Winelands)

Clayton Turrell (UGU)

Joshua Jefferis (NMB)

Joel Fowles (BC)

Surprise Maphumulo (ESA)

WILDCARD from Rip Curl Gromsearch Long Beach

U18 Girls

Anastasia Venter (Winelands)

Lily Heny (NMB)

Gemma Hanafey (BC)

Sarah Scott (CTS)

Mayah Potgieter (UGU)

Gabi Herbst (ESA)

Catherine Jacob (ILM)

Zia Hendricks (BC)

WILDCARD from Rip Curl Gromsearch Long Beach

  1. All trialists are required to confirm their participation to reza@surfingsouthafrica.co.za by February 15th.
  2. All trialists are required to make their own arrangements to attend the trial.
  3. The team will be announced after the completion of the trial.

Team Management

  1. Isaac February is the Team Manager
  2. All coaches in South Africa who are keen to be considered as the Coach for this team are requested to submit a short CV and motivation to Isaac February by February 15th. Please send this info by email to isaacf@eyedesignstudio.co.za
  3. Shortlisted coaches will be required to attend the trial.


Please contact reza@surfingsouthafrica.co.za