Cape Town Surf Pro 2023


Event starts FRIDAY 14th April 2023

In the 2023 Cape Town Surf Pro is part of the SAST and is open to SSA members in the U12, U14, U16 & U18 Girls & Boys divisions.

U12 division surfers may enter their own division and the U14 division,  U14 surfers may enter their own division and the U16 Division and U16 surfers may enter their own division and the U18 Division.

Cape Town Surf Pro

Entry Fee and Prize Money

Division Entry Fee Prize Money
U18 Boys R650 R5000
U18 Girls R650 R5000
U16 Boys R600 R4500
U16 Girls R600 R4500
U14 Boys R550 R3500
U14 Girls R550 R3500
U12 Boys R450 R2500
U12 Girls R450


Banking Details
FNB Rondebosch
Account Number: 50170019142
Branch Code: 201509

Ref : Surfers Name & CTPRO

Please make payment IMMEDIATELY.

Email POP to:


  • All 2023 SAST events are supported by Surfing South Africa’s umbrella sponsor, Sea Harvest.
  • To enter a 2023 SAST event, surfers must be registered SSA Members and have a 2023 electronic membership card
  • Surfers who enter without being a 2023 registered SSA member will not be included in the draw
  • To register as an SSA member go to
  • Cape Town Surf Pro entries will close when the contest is full.
  • There will a maximum of 25 heats on each of the three days of competition. Once the contest is full an alternate list will be created and surfers will be accommodated IF POSSIBLE. Alternates who make the cut, will be required to pay the published entry fee and a R100 late entry fee.
  • Alternates may only enter ONE division and will be required to pay a R100 late entry fee.
  • U12 Surfers may enter their own Division and the U14 Division.
  • U14 surfers may enter their own Division and the U16 Division.
  • U16 surfers may enter their own Division and the U18 Division.
  • Surfers who enter two divisions must pay an Entry Fee for both divisions.
  • The Entry Fee payment for the event must be made by EFT immediately after the entry is completed online.
  • Failure to pay the stated entry fees when entering will result in exclusion from the heat draw.
  • An alternate will replace any surfer who does not pay immediately after submitting an entry.
  • Surfers must include their 2023 SSA membership number on the Entry Form for an entry to be accepted.
  • If fewer than 8 entries are received in ANY division that division prize money will be reduced by 50%
  • Notice of withdrawal due to injury or illness must be sent to
  • Withdrawals after the closing date for any reason other than injury or illness will not receive an entry fee refund.
  • “No shows” will be fined R1000 & payment of this fine must be made prior to entering another SSA event.
  • Surfers who have not paid outstanding fines will not be permitted to compete in future SSA sanctioned events.
  • The heats & provisional schedule will be posted on LIVEHEATS by 8pm on WEDNESDAY APRIL 12th
  • To access Liveheats go to
  • The contest will start at 7.30am each day.
  • A minimum of 50% of surfers in each heat will advance
  • SSA reserves the right to make changes to the Entry Criteria, postpone or move the contest if conditions warrant this.
  • Prizemoney winners are requested to email their bank details to ROBIN @ within 7 days after completion of the event and payment will be made via EFT.
  • Enquiries :  Contact 0824541149  (between 9am and 4pm) or email surfingsouthafrica@gmail.comTop of Fo


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FirstLastAge Division
NicholasBrownU18 Boys
DemiRoweU18 Girls
JamieSampsonU12 Boys
LucaNaudeU12 Boys
NathanTaylerU16 Boys
NathanTaylerU14 Boys
RyanSchoonU18 Boys
MaxVan StolkU18 Boys
MaxVan StolkU16 Boys
JoshMalherbeU18 Boys
JoshMalherbeU16 Boys
RyanSchoonU16 Boys
JoelFowlesU18 Boys
EmmaLoggenbergU12 Girls
LoghannTilsleyU16 Boys
LoghannTilsleyU14 Boys
GreaganTilsleyU18 Boys
GreaganTilsleyU16 Boys
Lazarode BruynU12 Boys
SibusisoMatshayaU18 Boys
WesleyAdamsU18 Boys
AndreAbramsU16 Boys
TaiBougaardU16 Boys
LukhanyoLombaardU16 Boys
MichaelVan der FlaeesU16 Boys
FirstLastAge Division