An Ode to Colin Fitch

After 37 years of service to the sport of surfing, Colin Fitch has said goodbye to the WSL. Colin began his surfing journey with WP Surfing as a judge and went on to create ASRO, the first ever official body to train and look after surfing judges. He certainly was a pioneer in this respect and his body of work from those early days right up to the day he closed the WSL Africa offices in Cape Town, is what makes him a legend in our sport. Without a doubt, Surfing South Africa and all the surfers, officials and sponsors who have worked with Colin and his WSL Africa team over the years can acknowledge his dedication to the sport. As with most “behind the scenes” guys he has had to endure his share of criticism but his efforts to keep the WSL Africa programme going during good times and bad make him someone who will hold a place in South African surfing history. The SSA Board, districts, disciplines surfers, officials and others who have worked with him will remember his passion, contribution, determination and commitment. Although we are sure that Colin will never be far away from the energy that is surfing in South Africa, we wish him well as he embarks on a new journey. Thank you, Colin.