The responsibility and role of a surf judge in a surfing contest is to decide which surfer performs the best in terms of the judging criteria in a particular heat. It is therefore paramount that judges have the necessary experience and knowledge in order to obtain the correct results and to have the confidence to do so.

Over the past few years competitive surfing has experienced major improvements. These improvements are the result of improvements in athletic performance as well as improvements in equipment and technology.  Another vital factor added to this success of competitive surfing may be a direct result of the constant changes, improvements and refinements made to the competitive rules and the judging criteria over the years in order to accommodate our ever changing and progressing sport.

The majority of the information provided in this course is based on what we as SSA know about the competitive sport of surfing and the contents of this course have been obtained from international judging experience, knowledge as well as contemporary international literature on surf judging.

Course details and important information

In order to become an SSA Level 1 judge a minimum of 25 hours of judging needs to be obtained through the judge’s district and he/she must complete the official course and test.

You need to be a registered SSA member.

The SSA Judging test will have a minimum pass rate of 80%.

●  Judging courses will include judging criteria/Longboard judging criteria and scoring categories, interference calls, priority and priority interference calls, competition breakdown and rules and overall professionalism.

●  Test will be based on the above aspects and will require judges to do a bit of homework prior to the course.

Once the judge passes the exam, he/she will receive their SSA judging qualification and ID card, as well as be added to the SSA judging roster so they can be filtered into events. The judge will also receive their official judging kit.



Name: Surfing South Africa
Bank & branch: First National Bank Rondebosch
Branch code: 201509
Account Number: 50170019142
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Please use Jcourse & your name as a reference


R800 for judges wanting to work for SSA on judging panels

R400 for judging knowledge base, this is for education only and not for employment.




Level 1 Surf Judging Registration Form



Level 1 Judging Form